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Our Charitable Initiative

"Innovation and Technology for Good Causes"

At High-Tech Tel , we believe that technological progress and innovation can go hand in hand with social responsibility. As part of our charitable mission, we are committed to supporting projects and organizations that use technology to create positive social and environmental changes.

About the Funding Program

As a part of our charity work, we have launched a funding program aimed at supporting initiatives that utilize modern technologies to address significant social issues. We are looking for projects that combine innovation with a real impact on society or the environment.

Who Are We Looking For?

  • Technology Startups: Young companies using technology for social or environmental change.

  • Non-Governmental Organizations: NGOs implementing innovative technological solutions in their activities.

  • Research Projects: Research groups focusing on the development of technologies that can benefit society.


How to Apply?

  1. Present Your Initiative: Send us a description of your project, indicating how technology is used to generate positive changes.

  2. Goal and Impact: Describe the social or environmental goals of your project and the expected impact.

  3. Financial Needs: Specify the exact amount of funding needed and how it will be used.


Selection Process


Our committee, consisting of technology experts and CSR leaders, thoroughly reviews each application. We focus on innovation, potential impact, and feasibility of the project.

Why We Support Innovation?

At High-Tech Tel, we are convinced that technology has the power to change the world for the better. By investing in innovative projects, we contribute to the development of solutions that can have a real and long-term impact.

Join Our Mission

If your organization or project fits our criteria, do not hesitate to apply. Together, we can work on building a brighter future through the power of technology!

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